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Job Openings

Vollzeit | ab Aug/Sept 2017 Wien
Vollzeit | ab sofort Wien
s angličtinou / 3.-4. ročník právnické fakulty Prague
Immobilienwirtschaftsrecht (Vollzeit | ab August 2017) Wien
Vollzeit | ab sofort Wien

How to apply?

  • Vienna: Submit your application documents (CV, motivation letter in German or English, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, language diplomas etc.) online (PDF format preferred). You will receive an immediate confirmation together with a login password in case you want to change information or add documents at a later date. We do not accept applications sent via email.
  • CEE/SEE: Send your application documents (CV, motivation letter in local language or English, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, language diplomas etc.) via email (PDF format preferred) to the local office manager.

Selection process

  • Submission of application documents
  • Written or oral invitation (or rejection)
  • One or more interviews (with an HR-Expert or local Office Manager and one or more Partners or Department Heads)
  • Depending on the position, an individual written and/or oral assessment may be required
  • Trial day and/or office tour and/or get-together with team members may be offered
  • Legal internships: Assessment center

Interview guide

  • Prepare yourself: Inform yourself about our work, people, culture and the candidate profile we might be looking for. We appreciate candidates who are well-prepared.
  • Demonstrate your strengths: What makes you the ideal candidate? Which skills, experiences or personal characteristics qualify you for the open position? The more you tell us, the more chance you have to convince us.
  • Make a difference: You have an unusual hobby or background? You have an interesting story to share that emphasizes your personality? Take the chance and try to leave an impression.
  • Show your motivation: We are looking for candidates with a high level of passion and interest, with a hands-on approach and who are prepared to put in the effort to make the most of their career. Present yourself in an inspiring way to highlight your passion for the job.
  • Be authentic: Honesty and openness are more important to us than superficialities. Show us who you really are and give us the chance to find out if the job and the team fit to you.
  • Ask questions: Show an interest in your potential superior. His or her way of talking, explaining and describing the work says much about his or her leadership style. Listening and re-phrasing shows not only understanding but also your motivation and efforts to get the job.
  • Clarify details: Imagine you get the job and start working. Do you really know what it is about? Are you sure that the conditions, the culture, the team and the tasks meet your interests and abilities? Ask every question that facilitates your decision.
  • Stay in contact: If you are not selected for the job, do not react in an unprofessional way. The recruiter may keep your documents on record for another opportunity at another time. Tell him or her that you would appreciate it and show your continued interest in working at Wolf Theiss.

Assessment center for legal internships

  • Invitation to the 'Career Day' via email (one-day assessment)
  • Individual assessment: You will be asked to send a short legal evaluation to a client.
  • Group assessment: You will have the chance to meet your colleagues, consult with your client in person, and prepare a strategy for the ensuing negotiations where you need to reach a settlement for your client.
  • Personal assessment: You will be asked to introduce yourself in English and to tell us about your experience, your personality, your strengths and your motivation for an internship.
  • Individual feedback: A few days later, we will notify you of our decision and provide you with extensive feedback regarding your performance.

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